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    Sachsenpark-Hotel Leipzig

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Walter-Köhn-Str. 3
04356 Leipzig
Positive reviews: 85.1 %
Number of reviews: 32
●●●●● ○○○○○
Price: ●●●●● ○○○○○
Room: ●●●●● ○○○○○
Cleanliness: ●●●●● ○○○○○
Service: ●●●●● ○○○○○
Breakfast: ●●●●● ○○○○○
Restaurant: ●●●●● ○○○○○
Wellness / Spa: ●●●●● ○○○○○
Wifi / WLAN: ●●●●● ○○○○○
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Review, 20.08.2018, N. Bojanic, Age 50-60 years
I am completely satisfied with the hotel. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The rooms are very neat and the surroundings are quiet. A very pleasant stay at this hotel will stay positively in my memory for a long time.
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Review, 19.08.2018, Age 60-70 years
A very pleasant stay. I'd recommend your hotel for anyone coming for business at the CCL.
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Review, 08.12.2017, Janneke Stewart, Age 70-80 years
The Sachsen Park Hotel is a quiet, clean, inviting accommodation for those doing business at the Leipzig Exhibition.
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Review, 28.04.2017, Stanislav König, Age 30-40 years
Nice hotel close to expressway.
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Review, 19.09.2016, a frost, Age 60-70 years
Good, but waited a good 10 minutes at Reception to check in even though more than one staff member available.
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Review, 11.09.2016, kazuyuki Nakamura, Age 60-70 years
Very good, but at the time of check in, the room key was broken, therefore the room had to be changed, which was a nightmare.
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Review, 20.07.2016, Tsang Chukwan and Wong Loyan, Age 30-40 years
Except the impolite staff we met during check-in, everything in Sachsenpark Hotel is cool. Staffs are cheerful and friendly, rooms are clean and at a reasonable rate.
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Review, 15.06.2016, Age 60-70 years
The restaurant was not open during our stay, only for breakfast.
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Review, 29.05.2016, Nigel Stacey, Age 50-60 years
It is a lovely hotel all the staff were very friendly an pleasant I enjoyed my stay there and slept very well
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Review, 20.05.2016, Barbara, Age 30-40 years
Very good hotel located in a quiet area, comfortable room and fabulous breakfast.
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Review, 19.05.2016, Age 40-50 years
love to stay at this hotel, will be back in the future if im close by ;)
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Review, 17.11.2015, Age 70-80 years
Excellent, your staff were very friendly and helpful.
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Review, 20.04.2015, Age 80-90 years
A good experience Thought the carpet needed up grading.
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Review, 02.12.2014, Age 50-60 years
I really enjoyed my stay at the hotel. The Staff was nothing short of perfect, especially at the restaurant. The desk people were very helpful and friendly. I will readily recommend Sachsenpark Hotel to my friends and business partners. Thank you for the hospital. I found the borders of bathtub a bit high and as I had a recent foot injury it made climbing in and out a bit difficult. Slight issues with the exutory of the bathtub also, but I survived.
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Review, 30.08.2013, Age 60-70 years
I had a really nice stay. The only remark is that the invoice was not send to the agreed party. Therefore I had to pay myself and ask for reembursment.
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Review, 29.07.2013, Jaroslav Spizek, Age 70-80 years
I enjoyed my stay at the hotel very much and have no reasons for any complaint. I would be willing to come again.
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Review, 11.12.2012, Hanne, Age 60-70 years
We have stayed at this hotel several times, and allays very satisfied.
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Review, 09.07.2012, Age 30-40 years
Overall it was a good experience. Friendly customer service and great hospitality.
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Review, 29.06.2012, Age 40-50 years
Restaurant for lunch and dinner was nice. More vegetarian options would have been nice.
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Review, 25.06.2012, Age 50-60 years
Nice room for the price, and very nice breakfast. But, this Hotel advertises Air Conditioning. Although there's a switch on the wall confirming one, by no means was there ac as I am used to...and, it was a warm night. Next visit, I will stay at the Marriott.